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News releases

April 22, 2014

Mount Royal celebrates Earth Day by taking its first steps in beekeeping

This year’s Earth Day provided the perfect opportunity for Mayor Philippe Roy and the 12 young members of the Townschool Council to officially announce the impending installation of a beehive on the roof of Town Hall. The project took shape following the successful lobbying of elected officials by Townschool councillors, which led to municipal by-laws being amended this winter to allow a beehive to be installed under certain conditions.

The beehive is the manifestation of the Town’s support for a new environmental cause, namely protecting bees at a time when the insects are said to be suffering from a mysterious illness that has resulted in a disquieting die-off just about everywhere in the world. Welcomed with open arms by Mount Royal, albeit in the form of a pilot project, the bees will find plenty of nourishment here, none of it contaminated with the slightest trace of pesticides.

The Townschool Council worked several months to prepare for the arrival of a beehive. The torch has now been passed to the McGill Apicultural Association (MAA) and Apiguru inc., whose expertise will be used to establish a colony. To ensure the project gets off to the best possible start, the MAA is generously donating the necessary bees to the Town. (...) More

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In a nutshell

Last updated: April 22, 2014

Yard Waste Collection: Starting April 23, on Wednesdays

Please note that the yard waste collection, set to begin on April 16 according to our calendar [PDF 325kB], will start on the 23 instead.

Information: 514-734-4123.

Seminar: Slowing the Emerald Ash Borer - A Joint Effort

Town of Mount Royal residents are invited to join their Beaconsfield counterparts for a free evening event regarding the emerald ash borer on Thursday, April 24, at 19:00 at Beaconsfield High School, located at 250 Beaurepaire Avenue, in Beaconsfield.

Demolition Committee: 440 and 446 Morrison Avenue

As required by By-law No. 1410 Governing the Demolition of Immovables, the Demolition Review Committee will hold a meeting on Wednesday, April 30, at 19:00 at Town Hall (90 Roosevelt Avenue), regarding those two addresses.

Information: 514-734-2985.

More announcements: Check out our weekly Flash Info column as published in the local newspapers or have a second look at newsbits already showcased In a nutshell.

Public notices

In order to meet legal requirements, our public notices are always published in the Journal de Mont-Royal and posted at Town Hall (90 Roosevelt Avenue).

Last updated: April 16, 2014

  • Tabling of the 2013 Financial Report and Auditor’s Report
    More [PDF 26kB]
  • Application to Demolition of the Roof: 440 Morrison Avenue
    More [PDF 78kB]
  • Application to Demolish: 446, avenue Morrison
    More [PDF 101kB]
  • Approval and Coming into Effect of Loan By-Law No. E-1401
    More [PDF 33kB]
  • Public Meeting: Amendment to Zoning By-Law No. 1310 (Draft By-Law No. 1310-170)
    Plus [PDF 30kB]
  • Coming into Effect of By-Law No. 1419-2 to Amend Water Supply By-Law No. 1419 with Respect to Watering Periods in Industrial Zones
    Plus [PDF 28kB]

Calls for tenders

April 15, 2014

  • SMP-2014-17 (C-2014-36)
    Reconstruction of sections of sidewalks and curbs on various streets
    Published in La Presse on March 7, 2014
    Notice [PDF 25kB] (French only)

April 10, 2014

  • SMP-2014-16 (C-2014-24)
    Masonry repairs – Municipal Workshops – Phase II
    Published in La Presse on March 7, 2014
    Notice [PDF 25kB] (French only)

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